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Touchscreen DJ

The future is here. DJing on a touchscreen surface is now a reality.

No longer will party goers have to squint to make out the dimly lit outline of an anonymous DJ with his head buried in a computer laptop. A new, colorful, interactive, transparent flat screen display puts the music and DJ front and center where they belong.

touchscreen dj

42 Inch Touch Sensitive Flat Screen

Since the screen can be viewed from either side, everyone in the room can see the DJ play, apply effects, loop and create virtual song remixes on the fly. It showcases the ART OF THE MIX and provides both audio and visual excitement.

This interactive display also acts as a high tech message board, allowing the DJ to instantly communicate with the entire crowd without interrupting the flow of the music.

With 130 buttons, knobs and sliders, the screen is as beautiful as it is functional, adding the wow factor to your event.  The DJ touchscreen may just revolutionize the way DJs work from this point on.

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